What Makes A Reflexology Foot Massage An Essential Wellness Care?

Reflexology foot massage refers to the pressure placed on certain points of the feet. The main principle of reflexology is the belief that specific points in the hands, feet, and ears are directly connected to major body parts. The people who are practicing this method are called reflexologists. Continue reading below to find out more about foot reflexology.


Fundamentals of Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology massage, in general, believes in one theory. All parts of our body are interconnected and these parts can be manipulated by applying pressure to specific points on the foot. Some even believe that it provides relief for particular illnesses.

Foot reflexology can be considered as another form of massage. It uses different kinds of movements such as pulling of the toes, kneading, and pushing to manipulate individual points inside the feet and provide healing.

Apart from the foot, reflexologists also ease their client’s stress and discomfort by putting pressure on their ears and hands

Distinctions of Foot Reflexology From Foot Massage

While these two wellness care seems identical. Several factors differentiate foot reflexology from foot massage.

Foot massage typically massages the feet by manipulating the muscles to enhance circulation, soothe tension, and reducing stress on the muscles. Massage therapists are known to improve the overall well being and health of their clients.

Reflexology massage on the other hand focuses on pressure-point massage techniques to reinstate the motion of vitality throughout the body.


Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Although there are very minimal studies that will support the effectiveness of foot reflexology, the relaxing and soothing benefits of this treatment cannot be denied.

It is said the reflexology massage can significantly improve your wellness not only physically but emotionally as well. Below are some of the many benefits that you will enjoy once you experience foot reflexology:

  1. It promotes relaxation. Reflexology has the ability to regulate the passageway to peacefulness. It generates calmness and mental serenity within the whole body. This effect instantly leads to relaxation and reduced stress. One of its basic ideals is to help the body go back to its healthy and stabilized state.
  2. Stimulating the nervous system. This method also aims to improve the performance of the brain. With a relaxed and regulated passageway, our nervous system can pewellness care at sparform its functions in the most adequate way.
  3. Alleviate headache and migraine. One of the many things that reflexology can do is to relieve pain like headaches. The treatment works by reducing the tensions in the muscle by escalating blood flow.
  4. Strengthens nerve performance. As we grow old, the nerves in our body start to lose their strength to function properly. Reflexology massage has been proven to be effective in strengthening thousands of nerves in the body for better function.
  5. Boosts circulation. One good way to stay healthy is by making sure that the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body is regulated. When these two are properly distributed to all the parts of the body, your major organs will always reach their full potential.
  6. Uplifts energy. It’s no surprise that due to its many benefits, the massage will leave you energized and feeling high spirited. It will not only uplift your physical energy but your mind as well.
  7. Provides treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. This is an inflammation in the foot, particularly at the bottom part that causes pain in the heels. Since foot reflexology specifically targets points in the foot, it has been an effective relief for this condition.

If you are thinking of trying foot reflexology, hopefully by now you are more convinced of its advantages. It’s a good thing that reflexologists are growing in numbers every day making it easier for customers to find one.