Our Mission

The Northeast Holistic Center for Health, Education, Awareness & LifeStyle

Self-generated health, peace, joy, abundance and prosperity are the educational and healing goals of the Northeast Holistic Center (NHC) and its staff. The Northeast Holistic Center exists in service to educate each individual in identifying, creating and maintaining his or her own level of homeostasis within the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Through the use of natural and traditional (complementary) therapies, a personalized educational health program is developed. The process of health and healing is a process of re-education, giving gentle guidance from a lifestyle that has caused disease or upset to one that, although different and maybe a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, creates health and happiness for the long term. It is through the co-operative effort of the practitioner’s teaching and the student/client’s willingness to change and dedicated involvement in his or her re-education, that healing happens. It is the student/client that does the healing in his or her own way, and the practitioner who imparts the information to assist in this healing.

To access the inner knowledge of healing within the body on the physical level, it is essential to understand that there is an emotional, mental and spiritual link to whatever the physical challenge (disease or issue) may be. One of the greatest mistakes made in the healing process, in our philosophy, is to place self-blame and self-judgments on that issue and the emotional, mental and spiritual links that it resides in. All physical disease is there to get one’s attention to an issue that needs to be re-evaluate.

Distinguishing the emotional and mental levels of education and healing seems to be more of a challenge for some people. At the NHC, we explore the emotional response patterns to situations, events, words, people and one’s perception of them. Each emotional response is based on a past experience dating from conception to around the age of eight. Once again, it is requested that the person be free of self-judgment or blame when looking at the issue. Think about how many people really act out of spite. Usually, they are doing the best that they can with the upbringing and experiences that they had. If they are acting out of spite, their learned behavior pattern needs to be re-educated. For the individual seeking to educate and heal himself, it is important to look at the interconnectedness to the mental, spiritual and emotional levels when re-educating and healing the issue.

The mental aspect of the healing and education process is each word that we speak, and each thought that we have. Yes, this may seem a lot to consider. Yet, even the music, television programming and literature that we choose is a manifestation of one’s healing and education process. How many people have said, “Oh, he’s a pain in the neck” and they find that they are the one who always have stiff necks? For starters, be aware of the words that are said and the consequences of those words.

The spiritual aspect of the healing and education process is based on your belief systems – not your religious choices. The belief systems that you were exposed to and incorporated into your life can be altered for something more appropriate at any stage in life. For example: At age eight, you needed someone to walk you across the street. At age 35, do you need someone to travel with you on vacation to a far off country? No. It may be nice to have company, but it is no longer necessary for you to have someone see you safely to a place of unknown origin or where there are strange people or even some dangerous (new) things you do not understand. This is the need for change of belief systems. Yet, there are people that will not go on vacation by themselves – it’s too scary, frightening. Unchanged, inappropriate belief systems are many times the source of our fears, limitations, and inability to succeed. These spiritual issues are interconnected to the emotional, mental and physical parts of you.