The Secrets Of Holistic Dental Hygiene Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

Living in modern society makes us forget about the natural ways of living. But some of us still prefer alternative ways of maintaining our overall health as well as our dental hygiene. The holistic dental hygiene approach is the belief that the mouth plays an integral part in the body’s health. As dentists say, the mouth is the window to an individual’s general health. If you need dental procedures, the services this dentist near Seven Hills offers are just right for you.


Holistic Dental Hygiene Advice

Holistic dentists use alternative methods in treating dental problems. While they are also capable of performing the procedures that a general dentist can do, they also integrate natural remedies and preventative care methods in treating their patients although they still use traditional dental tools.

dental health care teamUnlike regular dentists, they look at the bigger picture, they believe that the mouth has a huge impact on the overall health. Thus, making dental hygiene an essential thing to consider.

Here are the basic factors that a holistic dentist believes in:

A healthy and balanced diet is the key to having a healthy mouth

Everything we consume will initially make contact with our mouth. It only makes sense to consider healthy meals as the foods we eat will also affect the health of our teeth, tongue, and gums. Aside from considering our overall health in choosing our meals, we should also consider our dental health. Remember that the foods we eat can either help improve dental hygiene or destroy our oral health.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional method that’s been around for thousands of years. Holistic dental professionals believe that oil pulling must be a part of dental hygiene for optimum health. Coconut oil is proven to have active components that can eliminate bacteria in the mouth. Some of its great benefits include the following:

  • reduces bad breath
  • prevent cavities
  • improves the health of gums
  • reduce inflammation
  • fights infection
  • a cheap and easy method to do
Tongue cleaning is just as important as teeth brushing

Holistic dental hygiene suggests that the tongue must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the whole mouth is clean. Many people tend to neglect the cleanliness of their tongue or worse they even do it on purpose. It’s because they are not aware that bacteria can also get stuck among the taste buds. This is the common reason why some people have bad breath.

The magic of saltwater

Saltwater can be beneficial in improving gum health. As a matter of fact, it is mostly recommended by the Burwood dentist at Dental 266 clinic to patients with gum inflammation. Holistic dentists highly consider saltwater rinse as an essential part of oral care. It has antibacterial properties that cleanse the mouth as it flushes away bacteria.

Floss frequently

It’s normal for us to brush our teeth at least three times a day. But what about flossing? Some people floss their teeth once a day while others don’t do it frequently. Holistic dental hygienists believe that flossing is just as important as brushing the teeth. This method is important to remove the trapped debris and food particles between the teeth.

Mercury Fillings Replacement

Holistic dentists are concerned with the side effects of mercury fillings. This is because mercury can be toxic and greatly affect an individual’s overall health. They recommend the removal of the fillings and using an alternative that’s safer to use. Moreover, if you have any kind of metal fillings, it’s better to have them checked regularly.

Meet your Holistic Dentist Twice a Year

Your holistic dentist will not only ensure that your dental health is at its best. He will also make sure that your health, in general, is looked after as well. Visiting your dentist every 6 months will save you from dental problems and health risks at once.


Holistic Dentistry Benefits

The beliefs of general dentists and holistic dentists may differ at some point. But their goals are do not go far from each other. They both want to allow their patients to experience optimum dental health in the safest ways possible. Holistic dental clinics use the same tools and practice the required sterilization protocols as the traditional clinics.

Furthermore, there are specific advantages when you choose a holistic dentist. Here are some of the benefits that you might get:

  • A holistic dentist will examine you from top to bottom. They do not focus solely on the patient’s dental health but also on the risk factors that might affect their health.
  • No fluoride treatments. While fluoride can be beneficial to the strength of the teeth, holistic dentists believe that it can cause huge problems on the brain. It can also contribute to dementia, arthritis, and bone cancer.
  • Correcting previous dental treatments. One of the many benefits of holistic dentistry is that it can correct improper treatments from previous doctors.
  • Reduced exposure to X-rays. Dental x-rays are generally safe. But the radiation can be harmful as well. What sets holistic dentists different from traditional dentists is that they prefer to not use x-rays as much as possible.patient and doctor discussing holistic dental hygiene
  • Lesser use of painkillers. Painkillers have become quite common in the field of health care, and dentistry is no different. A holistic approach will try to avoid the use of painkillers to prevent their side effects.
  • Safety of fillings. Most dentists allow their patients to choose the material to be used for their fillings. This often leads to complications especially if the fillings are not compatible with the body. Holistic dentists prevent these things from happening by ensuring that the materials they used for fillings are compatible with their patients.

Overall, holistic dentistry still follows the rules of traditional dentistry. However, it incorporates natural methods and avoids harmful treatments. They try to come up with the best dental solutions without compromising the health of their patients. If you are hoping to get a treatment that does not involve harmful methods, a holistic dentist might be the right one for you. Visit BID’s dental clinic located in Castle Hill for affordable dental services.