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The Northeast Holistic Center for Health, Education, Awareness & LifeStyle

About the Northeast Holistic Center

Natural health options, personal re-education and education, growing conscious awareness, and a peaceful, joy-filled and prosperous lifestyle are the foundation upon which the Northeast Holistic Center was founded in 1990. Through the personal life journey and growth experiences of the N.H.C.’s founder, Caroline Bayard, the modality of healing Holistic Synergy™ was created and became the first course of study for the newly formed healing and education ministry. Holistic Synergy is the subtle energywork of balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each individual and creating health through homeostasis.

Since Holistic Synergy energywork is a subtle form of healing and is less easily understood by the general population, Caroline chose to utilize other forms of natural and traditional therapies to assist in the healing and growth process of each individual that came to the N.H.C. From this philosophy, other courses were introduced into the curriculum at the N.H.C. Within the structure of each individual class, other than Holistic Synergy , is the basic foundation of the N.H.C. – balancing of body, emotions, mind and spirit.

When Hypnosis was introduced as a part of the Holistic Synergy Practitioner Certification program, besides the traditional techniques of Hypnosis, the interrelationship to issues of the body, emotions, mind and spirit were also integrated into the Hypnosis techniques. When the practitioner was fully trained in this manner, they were able to address challenges on all levels to assist the client. When Reflexology was added to the curriculum, the course of study was developed so as to address the actual work of Reflexology, but also to incorporate, the emotional, mental and possible spiritual aspects of the person’s healing path. The client comes away from the session relaxed on many levels and unable to understand what made an N.H.C. Reflexology session so different from other Reflexology sessions. In the studies of Basic Herbal Care Certification, Aromatherapy & You Certification, Flower Essences Certification, Crystals Certifications, Color Therapy Certification and all of the other classes taught at the N.H.C., the student learns to address all four levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And so the curriculum of the Northeast Holistic Center was created and is growing.

As the curriculum developed and practitioners were trained, the public had well-educated and compassionate practitioners to address their needs and lectures were requested to educate the public even further in the ways of complementary/alternative healing. The Northeast Holistic Center lectured at Barnes and Nobles throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for many years, as well as local metaphysical stores and fairs. The lecturing expanded into the corporate sector and libraries throughout the United States. Further teaching of N.H.C. courses and requested lectures have been done at New Jersey massage schools and other complementary/alternative health facilities. The staff of the N.H.C. now also teaches at colleges, hospitals and medical facilities in New York and New Jersey. The N.H.C. works closely with the community and supports local groups working with the AIDS/HIV community by incorporating traditional and natural healing methods as a means of coping with the epidemic.