Children With Teeth Grinding Symptoms (What Should Parents Do?)

Dental problems can show as toothaches, inflammation, or bacterial infection via cavities. A slight tooth grinding case can go unnoticed by a parent of a child with sleeping disorders. As part of dentistry innovation, the Melbourne Dental Sleep Clinic coordinates with sleep doctors to provide further treatment for children with teeth grinding problems. Today, there are also many dental clinics that can offer high-quality service for chipped, missing, or cracked teeth. In this regard, families must take advantage of the dental services that are available nowadays. Children who are teeth grinding may experience further health problems if their teeth remain broken. 


Do Children Often Have Teeth Grinding?

According to dentists, tooth eruption can make nerves on gum tissue sensitive. If your child is transitioning into puberty or preadolescence, expect their primary teeth to move often. There are also chances that a wisdom tooth may trigger your bruxism. If your child is experiencing bruxism or teeth grinding, visit Melbourne Dental Sleep Clinic for an assessment. An X-ray test can show which jawbones or teeth have damage from an underlying dental condition. 


What Happens To Children Who Are Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism has many causes, but a dentist diagnoses a few of them. Some of them can start from cavities and plaque on the gum line. But, teeth grinding is often associated with a sleep disorder. You can ask for more details on how your child can prevent bruxism and coordinate with a sleep doctor to correct the sleeping problem. 

Regardless of which option you choose, here are what you may expect from continuous untreated tooth grinding.


May Lead To Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Children Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding can easily damage enamel and dentin. If your tooth’s crown and surface wear out, you may expect to chip or crack your tooth. Teeth grinding or bruxism is a sleeping disorder that has many possible medical reasons. Sleep doctors say that bacteria can enter a fractured tooth. A dentist can offer a chipped or cracked tooth treatment by restoring them with tooth bonding or dental fillings. Also, a dental crown can replace a damaged natural tooth crown. 


A Symptom For Sleep Apnea 

Did you know that sleep apnea and teeth grinding are connected? According to dentists, sleep apnea may happen due to an obstruction in an individual’s breathing passageway. Teeth grinding may happen when sleeping at night but is also persistent during the day. Anyone can have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) from babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors. For this reason, a CPAP machine can prevent teeth grinding


Can Cause Bad Breath Or Halitosis

Children’s teeth grinding can happen even as they become adults. Prolonged bacterial infection from a damaged tooth or gum line can increase gingivitis or periodontitis. If there are plaque or cavities that you see on your child, check their dental hygiene routines. Do you know what your children are eating and drinking? An unhealthy diet plan can eventually ruin a person’s oral healthcare. 

Other oral health problems, such as an underlying digestive system problem, may need further help from a doctor rather than a general dentist. Ensure that you also visit a hospital for more details on your halitosis. 


May Proceed To Further Dental Diseases

Unmanaged teeth grinding for children can be dangerous. The American Dental Association warns about the side – effects of gingivitis or periodontitis. The symptoms of a dental problem may not show in their early dental care. But, an assessment from a dental expert may lead to a better evaluation of the gum disease. 


Stop Children From Teeth Grinding With These Treatments

Early signs of teeth grinding for infants and toddlers are typical. You can stop grinding by following some of these pointers that experts may refer to a patient. Most of the treatments included below are available at a dental office or an emergency hospital. But, alternative options such as reflexology or orthopedics need a specialist. 


  • Mouthguards

The best type of protection that parents can give to their kids is through a dental appliance. Protective gear such as a mouthguard can prevent accidents or direct impact on damaging teeth and gums. You may find athletes, boxers, and other heavy intensity sports that use a dental mouthguard when training. A mouth guard is also best for teeth grinding when sleeping at night. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information on which is the best mouthguard to improve your dental health. A customized mouthguard will usually cost higher than the products found in sports shops. 


  • Braces

Braces are not just for adjusting teeth and narrowing gaps in the mouth. Braces can adjust bite alignment, which may be one of the reasons for children to grind teeth. So, if you want an early orthodontic treatment for your child, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist soon. 


  • Craniofacial Massages 

Children Teeth Grinding Maintenance

Many dental experts also approve reflexology and orthopedic massages of the craniofacial area. Although it may not correct your jaw’s position directly, you may reduce the symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism) for your lifestyle. Your dentist may provide professionals that know how to treat your craniofacial disorders. 


  • Jaw Surgery

If any of the treatments, as mentioned above, don’t work, your dentist may suggest getting jaw surgery soon. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon must first check your dental and medical records. Periodontitis, along with severe gum recession, can make the treatment complicated. Yet, there are possible healthy recoveries if you need jaw surgery.