Replacing Missing Teeth: Is The Partial Denture Cost Worth It?

How much is the partial denture cost? How do partial dentures work? If you are on the internet now, searching for the answer to these questions, and want to know more about partial dentures, you have reached the right article. This article will shed some light as to how partial dentures work and other important information about them. After reading this article, you can click to gain access to more content about dental health issues.  


What Are Partial Dentures? 

While full dentures are used to replace all the teeth when all the teeth of a person are missing, partial dentures refer to a dental bridge that is used to replace only a few missing teeth. Partial dentures have existed throughout history. Ancient Egyptians used egg shells to replace and missing teeth that had fallen out to give other people the impression that they still had a complete set of teeth. The general purpose of partial dentures has not changed over time, and the procedure of making partial dentures, the materials used and other aspects of the procedure has evolved until it has reached what it is in present day. 

Partial dentures are usually attached to a pink resin that hardens and replicates the look of the gums, so that it will not be too obvious that a person will be wearing partial dentures. There are two kinds of partial dentures. The first type is permanent partial dentures. This means that the partial dentures will replace the missing teeth permanently. The other type of partial denture is the removable version. Based on its name, one may be able to deduce that this type of partial denture may be removed when a person needs to clean it or when they sleep.  


The Pros And Cons Of Partial Dentures 

partial dentures costA person will usually need to wait for a few days to a few weeks before they can get a hold of their full dentures. However, with partial dentures, the time frame to get them will usually be shorter. After the affected teeth are extracted, a person will be able to get their partial dentures hours after the extraction procedure is done. This means that the person will not have to deal with the missing teeth while the healing process happens.  

However, one disadvantage of getting the partial dentures right away is that there will be no time for your gums to heal after the extraction. Gums will tend to shrink after the healing process is finished, so getting your partial dentures fitted after  will keep them in place.


How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost? 

The cost of getting partial dentures will depend on how many missing teeth a person has, and how many will be needing replacement. The price range can fall anywhere in between $699 to $1000 for a set of partial dentures. 

For one up to three teeth the partial denture cost will start at around $699 dollars. If four teeth need to be replaced, the price will be around $799 and if five to nine missing teeth will need replacing the price may reach up to $1000. The more missing teeth you have, the more expensive the partial denture cost is going to be. 


Can The Partial Denture Cost Be Covered By Dental Insurance? 

The good news is that most dental insurance companies will cover at least part of the partial denture cost. However, not all dental insurance providers or companies have the same policies. This means that not all of them may cover the costs for partial dentures.  

It is best for a person to verify this with a representative with their dental insurance provider. They will be able to give accurate information as to what their dental insurance policy may cover and which procedures will be left uncovered by the policy. It is also a good idea to ask your dentist about this. They may also be able to shed some light as to if the partial denture cost may be covered by dental insurance.  


Is It Worth It To Get A Partial Denture? 

If you are looking to have your missing teeth replaced, getting partial dentures will be worth your investment. Many people lose their confidence at the same time when they lose their teeth. People will have difficulty smiling if they have missing teeth. This is why many people opt to get partial dentures if they have a few missing teeth. They can keep the natural teeth that are left and replace any missing teeth that have fallen out using partial dentures. 

Most dentists will tell you that partial dentures will last from five to ten years. However, if you take particularly good care of your partial dentures, they can be able to last for as long as 15 years. People who are conscious about the partial denture cost may rest easy knowing that they will be able to take care of their dentures and avoid spending the same amount of money again in the near future.  


Smiling With Confidence Is Priceless 

There is no price that can be put on a beautiful smile. People who can smile with confidence will tell you that there is nothing like being able to show your teeth with pride. Many people who had missing teeth and who have used partial dentures to fill in the gaps of missing teeth with telling you that the cost to get the partial dentures is worth it. 

Missing teeth can cause people to have a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. This can affect many aspects of a person’s life and well-being. Although the price of getting partial dentures may seem expensive, the long-term effects it can have on a person are worth much more than the price they will pay for the partial dentures. 


Final thoughts 

partial dentures costIf you have missing teeth, partial dentures can be used to bring back the quality of your smile. However, there are other options that you can consider in place of partial dentures. One can opt to have dental implants, dental bridges or other forms of dental treatments for missing teeth.  

The best first step is to see a dentist. They will be able to do a visual exam on the person’s mouth and recommend the best possible solution that can help people with their missing teeth. The dentist will recommend the best possible solution depending on the number of missing teeth, the budget of the patient and the need of the patient.  

In a nutshell, if you want to seek treatment for your missing teeth, see your dentist. If you have any questions about partial dentures, they will be happy to explain anything you want to know about this dental procedure.