What Is Breast Explant Surgery? What Can you Expect?

You will more likely have heard of a breast implant surgery rather than a breast explant surgery. What is this kind of surgery and how does it work? This article will talk about what breast explant surgery is, how it differs from breast lift and how a plastic surgeon performs this type of surgery. After reading this article, you can read the truth at www.drbreastimplantssydney.com.au/are-breast-implants-safe about the safety of getting breast implants.  


What Is Breast Explant Surgery? 

Based on the name, you probably think that breast explant surgery is the opposite of breast implant surgery. You would be right! Breast explant surgery involves the removal of a breast implant. There are many reasons why a patient may opt to have their breast implants removed. Breast explant surgery will be used by the plastic surgeon for the implant removal. 


Breast Explant Surgery Recovery 

The recovery time for a breast explant surgery is quite similar to that of a breast implant surgery. You will be able to resume your regular activities after around six weeks following the surgery. Your surgeon will advise you about the best timeframe for you to follow when it comes to your recovery. You will be instructed to go back to your surgeon for some follow-up check-ups after the surgery to make sure that everything is going as planned and the healing of your surgical site is going smoothly. 

After the surgery and before you are discharged from the hospital, your surgeon will give you a specific set of instructions to follow regarding your recovery. Your body will have to readjust to the removal of your breast implants. Time should be taken during the recovery process to rest and allow your body to heal after the breast explant surgery will be done. 


Preparation For Breast Explant Surgery 

If you are thinking about having a breast explant surgery or implant removal surgery done, your plastic surgeon will advise you of a few things you need to keep in mind to prepare you for the surgery.  

Stop Smoking 

It is a good idea to stop smoking in general, whether or not you are thinking about having breast implant removal. Smoking can cause breast explant surgerydamage that reaches far beyond the preparation for breast explant surgery. Smoking may cause complications after the implant removal, and may cause the person to have infections on the surgical site.  

If it is not possible for you to stop smoking altogether, your plastic surgeon will encourage you to stop smoking at least for the time being to prepare for the implant removal surgery. It is best to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions to ensure that the best results will be achieved. It is also best to stop smoking to prepare for the surgery for your general safety as well.  

Medical Evaluation 

In preparation for your implant removal surgery, your surgeon will likely ask you to get a medical evaluation to determine if your body is healthy enough to handle the surgery. Tests for your heart, lungs and tests to see if you are allergic to the anesthesia are some of the tests that may be administered to prepare you for the surgery. If all the tests come back will good results, you will be a step closer to having your implant removal surgery. 

Avoid Certain Medications 

There are certain types of medications that should be avoided when one will be preparing to have an implant removal surgery (or any type of surgery for that matter). Anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and certain herbal medicines have the tendency to increase bleeding. This is why these medications should be avoided in the days before you have your implant removal surgery. 

If you need to take aspirin as a maintenance medicine, it is best that you consult your doctor as to what medicines you can take in place of aspirin. Other medications may be prescribed during the days leading up to the surgery, to make your body prepared for the implant removal procedure. 

Take Certain Medications 

You will also be advised to take certain kinds of medicines in preparation for the procedure. These medications will help your body prepare itself for the surgery and help make sure that the best possible outcome will come of the implant removal procedure.  

Find Support 

In most cases, you will have to stay overnight in the hospital to recover after the procedure is finished. A surgeon experienced in breast implants in Sydney suggests that you find somebody to be there for you after the surgery to help you with what you need. The support you find should be able to care for you in the days and following your breast explant surgery. 

It is also possible for you to request for an outpatient for this type of plastic surgery procedure. However, it is wise to clarify this with your plastic surgeon if it will be advisable for you to be an outpatient. It may not be safe for you to be discharged right after the procedure, so it is a good idea to talk to your plastic surgeon about this before the surgery. 

Should your plastic surgeon give the go-signal to be an outpatient, it is of utmost importance that you find somebody to help you during the first few days of your recovery. It is also important that you find somebody to drive you home since you will be recovering from the effects of the anesthesia. Keep in mind that you will be placed under general anesthesia for the procedure, and you will not be able to drive or take the commute home alone. This is why it is crucial to find support while you are in the recovery period. 


Why Breast Explant Surgery Is Sometimes Needed 

There are many reasons why people will opt to get their breast implants taken out. Here are the most common reasons why breast implants are removed brought to you by the DrAlanEvans.com.au website. 

Breast Cancer 

A breast cancer diagnosis may also be the reason why a person may decide to have their breast implants removed. People who are diagnosed with breast cancer may need to have different medications and treatments that might not work as effectively if the person has breast implants. 


Just as with any other types of surgery, there are many complications that might result from having breast explant (or implant) surgery. Deep-vein thrombosis or DVT may result after the surgery. Also, complications with the breast implants themselves may also be present. There may be infections in the surgical site that will result in more serious medical issues if the condition goes untreated. Scars left by the surgery are also common.

Lifestyle Changes 

Some people may have lifestyle changes and may want to have their breast implants removed in accordance with those lifestyle choices.  

Breast Implant replacement 

breast explant surgeryThe average lifespan of a breast implant will only last up to ten years at the most. Breast explant surgery can also be done in the process to replace a breast implant that is due for replacement. 

Some people might experience having a change of heart when it comes to their breast implants. People who feel that they got a size of breast implants that is too large may feel uncomfortable about this choice later on. This is why some people may change their minds about breast implants and decide to have them removed. 


Final Thoughts 

If you are thinking about getting a breast explant surgery, it is good to talk to your doctor about it first. If you want to get bigger breast implants or a breast lift after the breast explant surgery, your doctor will be able to advise you about the steps to be taken to reach your desired result. Whether you are considering to have the surgery to remove your breast implants because of a change of heart or to have them replaced with new implants, your Refine Clinic doctor or plastic surgeon in Bondi Junction, NSW will be the best person to ask should you have any questions about the procedure.